Injectis BVBA is a new and dynamic company founded in 2017 to perform groundwater remediation projects with the innovative Spin® technology. Injectis BVBA is focussing on the execution of high quality direct injections with all kinds of products for in-situ remediation.  The spectrum of injection products go from chemical oxidants, acids, bases, salts to all types of carbon sources for the stimulation of biological degradation like lactate, molasses, emulsified oils,...

Injectis BVBA is not a remedial contractor,

but works mainly works on behalf of certified remediation companies 

Injectis BVBA can deliver the desired products,

give advise with the choise of the most suited product for a certain situation or soil type or injects the products, delivered by the client.

Injectis BVBA looks together with the client for the most appropriate and efficient injection plan,

An objective evaluation is made whether the innovative Spin®- injection technology can offer an added value compared to the traditional direct push technology. In most cases it is difficult to determine this in advance and an injection test is proposed. Injection testing provides clarity on the injectability and soil stratification, the injectability of the desired products in the soil type on the site, the injection volumes and the radius of influence. Additionally, a correct quotation for the full scale injections can be made based on the results of an injection test.